Lecturer: Przemyslaw Borys PhD Office hours: Mon: 12-13, Tu: 12-13.
Lecture programme - winter semester

Lecture programme - summer semester

A list of proposed exam problems--this will probably change

Elementary math repetition (pdf) An useful ebook found free on the web. Powers, logarithms, number notations, unit systems, trigonometry, basic geometry. Also deals with the use of older calculators.

Lecture notes, part 1 (pdf) (almost done)

Correction to the optics lecture on refraction:
The source of the problem in graphical derivation was the assumption that v=nc, while it is the opposite: c=nv. This error was masked in the Fermat derivation due to another mistake t=vl instead of t=v/l. These are corrected in the above PDF file and we will discuss this for clarity next time on the lecture once again. I apologize, hopefully this won't happen again.

Lecture notes, part 2 (pdf) (under construction)

A short guide to the calculators

Exam terms