Sergey M. Bezrukov
Surprising features of particle dynamics in channel-facilitated transport
We analyze the consequences of interactions between the pore and the translocating molecule within the framework of a continuous diffusion model using the Smoluchowski equation with the radiation boundary conditions. Several of our analytical findings are quite counter-intuitive (e.g., Biophysical Journal, 2005, 88:L17-L19 and Physical Review Letters, 2006, 97:020601). Three of the examples to be discussed in the talk are:
(i) "Sticking" to the channel slows down translocation (a particie spends more time in the channel) but increases the flux;
(ii) "Up-hill" and "downhill" particle translocation times (and their distributions) are identical;
(iii) An optimal channel should exhibit the most pronounced binding on the side that is opposite to the side of the oncoming particles.