Adam Gadomski, Z. Pawlak, I. Santamaria-Holek
On a formation of ion channels in internal- and external- friction driven systems
Ion channels occur not only in cellular environments, in which certain ions are transported across the biomembranes between intra- and extracellular phase. The may also appear in some related problems such as:
(i) formation of soft (protein/colloid) crystals and aggregates controlled by their (electric) double-layer featured depletion zones (A. Gadomski, Physica A374, 43 (2007), with an isotropic but non-constant friction, C Malaga et al., Physica A369, 291 (2006);
(ii) by-water-pressurisation enhanced biolubrication, characteristic of time-dependent coupling of tribopolimerization fields, leading to a departure from acid base-equilibrium, Z. Pawlak et al., J. Mater. Process. Technol. (2007), accepted, by means of a tribomicellization kernel, leading, in some model articular cartilages, to adequate description of the energy dissipation during (external) friction under a certain heavy normal/lateral load, A. Gadomski, J. Math. Chem. 22, 167 (1997)